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"The Raw Truth To The Fountain Of Youth"

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The Raw Truth To The Fountain Of Youth
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Discover the fountain of youth, lose weight, feel great and reverse the aging process. Living the raw life is not only a diet of cleansing and healing; it is a diet full of live enzymes to bring energy and a vibrant life force to your body, mind, and spirit.

Debbie coaches you through every step – from learning about the benefits of a raw vegan diet, to how to do it and what it will do for you. 468 pages of Debbie’s inspirational tips, poems, quotes, her OWN delicious raw recipes, her successful Raw on the Roll Food for Life Plan, her 10 super foods, resource guide, and her secret fitness solutions for strength, vitality and weight loss.

""Debbie Merrill is an outstanding and beautiful example of the power of live foods. She demonstrates how to elevate health to its highest level, to create the energy of youthing and to activate regeneration on every level. Debbie is a wonderful example of living the culture of life. In her book, The Raw Truth to the Fountain of Youth, she reveals some of her secrets as to how this rejuvenation process works."
Cousens M.D., M.D. (H), Diplomat American Board of Holistic Medicine, and Author of "Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine," "Conscious Eating," "Spiritual Nutrition" and "There is a Cure for Diabetes "

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Debbie Merrill
Debbie And Racoon
Debbie loving animals, not eating them!
Debbie Enjoys A Raw Foods Lifestyle!
Who Is Debbie Merrill?
Debbie Merrill is making a name for herself as the Rolling Raw Vegan Guru.  As host of her own popular TV show along with her diet program called” Raw Foods On The Roll: Getting America Healthy” she is teaching people how to “eat less and live more” everyday and for the rest of their lives.
Having been a vegetarian for 25 years and now what Debbie likes to call a “raw fooder” for 10 years she is finally teaching people her secrets to looking and feeling amazing.  Debbie’s Raw Foods On The Roll program is designed around the consumption of food while in its natural state and as she is teaching the world that there are amazing raw food substitutes for all food, even meat!  She is educating people on how the nutritional content of food changes once you cook it and how after food reaches a certain temperature a lot of the nutritional value is lost.  Raw Foods On The Roll is about eating to look and feel great, the program not only aids in weight loss and improves ones energy but can also help lower blood pressure and cholesterol.
Want to eat chocolate everyday?  Go for it, with Debbie’s program eating chocolate is encouraged, as long as you know which chocolate to eat.  Raw Vegan Organic Cacao (Chocolate) is what Debbie likes to call “good mood food” as it increases sensuality and brain alertness it actually aids in the weight loss process while making one feel look and act younger!.  With Debbie’s Eat To Live Great Raw On The Roll Success System, people learn fun workout plans, great tasting tricks and recipes  to stay healthy and lose weight, to look and feel great!
Love, Health And Wealth... Debbie Merrill

You Can Eat Chocolate?
How To Eat Chocolate In A Healthy Way!
How many people crave chocolate but do not eat it because they see it as a forbidden food with disadvantages such as weight gain, tooth decay, addiction, sugar rushes, allergies, skin problems and health issues? Let Debbie Merrill and her Merrill Magic Eat to Live Great Raw on the Roll Success System educate you so you can enjoy, savor and relish the worlds favorite food in a healthy and happy way without the disadvantages you once thought were true.
Debbie Merrill is a world renowned fitness expert, health educator, founder of Skate Great USA School of Skating in Santa Monica, California, and creator of the newly released DVD and video Learn To In Line Skate To Look And Feel Great At Any Age. She is the host of her own cable access show, The Debbie Merrill Show, currently airing across Southern California. This show features celebrities, chefs, and guests from the entertainment, health and fitness industries.
In her 20-plus years of experience, as a Silver-Level Medal Figure Skater, instructor, actress, dancer, choreographer, spokesperson, health educator and life coach, she has had the opportunity to train celebrities such as Steve Martin, Melanie Griffith, and Kim Delaney as well as countless other Americans to In-Line Skate and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Let her introduce you and your audience to her 7 super foods including her amazing and healthy Raw Chocolate!
With Debbie’s new Eat To Live Great Raw On The Roll success system, she is getting America healthy by teaching how to transition to a healthy lifestyle by changing their behaviors. Her system results are longevity, beauty, fitness, health and a happy spirit – all that and you get to eat chocolate!
Raw organic cacao is the seed of a fruit of an Amazonian tree from Central America. All chocolate is made from the cacao bean. Raw chocolate opens up the brain and heart to alertness and functioning, makes one feel a sense of happiness and contentment, aids in weight loss, and attracts more prosperity and love into ones life.
A few famous Debbie quotes include:
“Eat fruit, stay cute”
“Don’t deny it until you try it!”
“Eat green, stay clean – eat less, live more”
“Eat more raw, that’s my law”
“You can’t do wrong right or right wrong”
It would truly be a dream come true for Debbie to appear on your show and share her success with you and your audience. Your audience will be entertained, educated and enjoy this fun and easy program delivered with Debbie’s trademark energy, enthusiasm, and warmth…AND CHOCOLATE!!

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Skate Your Way To Health
Merrill Magic
Debbie’s unique skills and drills within her Merrill Magic routines, all of which encompass a series of simple, well-choreographed practice moves that will “trick” your body into a safe, fun, and easy way to skate. In just one hour with the Merrill Magic Program you will feel a surge of strength and a sense of confidence and control within your body. You will take your mind off your fears, freeing your body to skate effortlessly and easily. The Merrill Magic Program is just what you need to acquire the necessary skills to join the millions of men and women who now enjoy the benefits of the free moving in-line skating experience! As Debbie says, “If you don’t believe in miracles, I’ll make you one. You’ll fake it till you make it.”
This “Learn To In-Line Skate” is an extremely comprehensive video that covers every aspect of the in-line skating experience, including the following:
• Stretch and warm-up exercises
• Proper use of safety equipment
• Learning safe falling techniques
• How to maintain control and confidence
• The importance of arm movements
• Body alignment and awareness
• Three methods of stopping (including the famous
    “Debbie Stop”)
• Mastering turns
• Specific skills and drills designed to teach an easy,
    smooth flowing glide   with proper use of your
    skate’s edges
• Three Merrill Magic routines
In addition to all the technical skills that you’ll learn, watching this video has many additional benefits. You can start to teach yourself to skate in your own living room without skates until you gain more confidence, giving yourself a great head start for when you put on skates or take a lesson for the first time. And in-line skating is a great family activity that you can do with your children or friends. Because it is so much fun, you’ll want to skate longer, making it a great calorie burner for weight loss and firm body toning. If you’re over 40, in-line skating is great for strengthening bones (with no impact, strain, or torque on muscles and joints) and improving posture, making you look and feel younger and more active. An overall sense of well being is one of the biggest bonuses derived from the fun, exhilarating in-line skating experience!

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