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Debbie's Eat To Live Great - Raw On The Roll System 
Raw On The Roll System 
Debbie Merrill is available for private consultation, one on one, for 1 session, 5 sessions, or a monthly series. Her hours of availability for you are 1pm - 12am, 7 days a week. Miss Merrill gives top priority to her clients, by her constant availability, commitment, and accountability, especially those in a series. She prefers to be contacted by phone. Email use is fine, however, for prompt response, phone is preferred since she is busy Rolling on the Raw, her phone contact 310-625-0059.

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Her Raw On The Roll System includes:

1) Consultation
1 ½ hours to discuss your lifestyle, goals, habits, behavior, and knowledge and condition of your health and nutrition.

2) In-Home Education
Coming into your home and educating you on the proper foods to buy and store Cleaning out the {CRAP}, such as Coca Cola, refined foods, alcohol, aspirin, and processed foods. America has a love affair with CRAP!
Teaching you where and how to shop and select only ripe, fresh, raw, organic Foods and products for your lifestyle and quality of your health.

3) The Merrill Magic Secret Tips and Tools
The How of it: How to prepare and uncook your food selections for a delectable Delicious" awesome rawsome" taste experience. Giving your digestive system a break while giving you energy, stamina, strength, happiness, motivation, clarity of mind, an open heart, and an overall feeling of well being. Importantly, giving you Debbie's "raw on the roll flow and glow to go."

4) The 7 Super Foods:

Introducing you to Debbie's "Eat to Live Great 7 Super Foods" What they are for, how to use and prepare them, where to purchase them, and how to un-cook fabulous, delicious meals, snacks, beverages, and desserts with the "Eat to Live Great 7 Super Foods.

5) Eat to Live Great Menu Planner and Book
Be Sure To Order Your Copy Today!

6) Finding your" inner glow"
Working on a spiritual life that works for you.

7) Writing
How to journal your creative desires, emotions, wants, needs, demons, and resentments. "Forgiving, Loving, and Letting Go" Affirmations for attracting love, prosperity, spirit, health, joy and creativity into your life.

8) Exercise:
Finding the appropriate exercise and fitness program for you. Debbie will train you in areas such as In-Line Skating, Ice Skating, Dancing all styles, Yoga, Stretching, weights, brisk walking, swimming, cycling, and "sit and get fit" for those with physical disabilities, challenges and rehabilitation. Debbie will suggest a fitness program for your special joys and needs that is fun, outdoors, and workable in your life.

9) Menu Plan
Debbie will help create a food plan for you of 3 meals a day and snacks to assist you in being the powerful, happy person you are meant to be. "How to Eat to Live Great" not live to eat great, also, how to get to and maintain your ideal goal weight. "Eat Less Live More" / "Eat For Need, Not For Greed" "Eat Fruit, Stay Cute" / "Eat Green Stay Clean" / "Eat Raw, That's the Law!" "You can do it. I support you all the way. I'm here for you.! Merrill Magic

10) Support
Where to find books, lectures, raw food events, parties, dinners, products and stores, to expand on your education and learning about a new lifestyle. These will help support and educate you for your transition to the rawvolution of your new life! "For a Fit Body, a Healthy Mind, and a Happy Spirit." Don't deny it till you try it and apply it.

I love you and I will see you on the road of "Eat to Live Great", "Eat to Look and Feel Great" Raw on the Roll Style," Enjoy the Merrill Magic! Receive your first 20 min .consultation with this print out and availability to Debbie's anti-aging and healing new exotic 7 raw organic vegan Super Foods.

  Debbie Merrill's Introductory Special Offer>Professional Counseling Services:
● 1 ½ Hours Approx. = $150.00
● 5 Hour Session = $860 (20% Savings)
● 10 Hours / 1 Month Course = $1,752 (20% Savings)
Note: All sales are final, sessions are transferable but are non refundable. (Rates Are Subject To Change Without Notice)
The Raw On The Roll Diet Plan 
Morning Meal
1 8oz glass water with 1/2 tsp raw apple cider vinegar

(1-hr later) 2 cups Debbie's Secret Mocha Choca Maca Toca Tea with raw bee pollen, raw stevia, raw cacao nibs, and raw goji berries

(2-hrs later) Debbie's Raw on the Roll Green Machine Butter Or Sauce. 2 tbsp of spirulina blue green algae, blue manna, macca, bee pollen, stevia, and tocoterinols blended with water or your favorite fresh squeezed juice fruit or vegetable, made into a sauce or butter. Eat with raw veggies i.e. radishes, celery, cucumbers, zucchini, kale, collard greens, parsley, cilantro, broccoli, etc.

2 tbsp raw Tahitian or raw coconut butter or 2 tbsp hemp seed protein powder or with favorite oil (flax, hemp, sesame, borage or olive) or 2 tbsp nut butters, 2 tbsp of sprouted soaked nuts (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds)

Other Options:
Sprouted garbanzo beans, mung beans, red lentils, broccoli, radish or sunflower seed sprouts with a large mixed green organic salad or Debbie’s raw on the roll green machine cocktail. Add favorite oil for dressing or tahini or spirulina salad dressing or avocado.

Second Meal
Large organic salad with sprouts, sprouted garbanzo beans, mung, red lentils, broccoli, radish or sunflower seed sprouts, 1/2 avocado, 2 tsp favorite oil (flax, sesame, olive, borage, hemp), add sprouted flax or sesame crackers if desired.

Third Meal
1 1/2 fruit (of your choice) with spirulina, tocoterinols, and mesquite blended into a sauce with water or your favorite fresh squeezed fruit or vegetable juice. Then placed on a bed of diced jicama, celery and parsley or greens.

Sprouted raw flax crackers or raw sesame coconut cookies

First Meal Alternative #1
Debbie’s Green Machine Cocktail for a lean, clean, keen, and serene feeling! Blended greens, collard kale parsley spinach celery cucumber zucchini ginger cayenne pepper if desired, with macca, bee pollen, tocoterinols, blue green algae and hemp protein powder. You can add 2 tbs. favorite oil, nuts, nut butter or Tahitian coconut butter if desired for a more satisfying filling meal, great before a good hard workout, skate or hike This meal will last you a long time with sustaining energy clarity of mind, focus, alertness and sharpness

First Meal Alternative #2
Green juice with 2oz of wheat grass {Same greens as used in first meal alternative Debbie’s Raw on the Roll Green Machine Cocktail}

Second Meal Alternative #1
1. Raw hummus with raw organic cut up veggies (brussel sprouts, celery, radishes, zucchini, cucumber, cauliflower, broccoli)

2. Raw Falafel & organic green salad with favorite dressing or avocado

3. Raw Pizza & organic green salad with favorite dressing or avocado

4. Debbie’s original Italian bean salad, simply rawsome! Raw sprouted red lentil salad with sun dried tomatoes black olives, mango slices, red onions, red bell peppers, cilantro, jicama, raw black sesame seeds or white raw sesame seeds drizzle with flax seed oil or raw sesame oil.

5. Debbie’s Raw on the Roll Pizza- Sundried tomato & organic black olives, avocado with olive oil and garlic cilantro parsley, and broccoli crowns served on raw flax crackers or buckwheat crackers. A side of raw sauerkraut is a helpful probiatic digestive agent with this dish.

6. Raw Kombucha squash soup with ginger and scallions & raw coconut milk and coconut meat. Served with Debbie’s veggie vegan combo of raw cut up veggies and a green organic salad served with spirulina flax seed oil dressing. Great for those cold winter months. Put on top of a pot of water that is heated less than 116 degrees to get that slightly warm sensation.

Third Meal Alternative
1. Mango & banana smoothie with vanilla and cinnamon and tocoterinols, sprinkled with raw buckwheat kernels. Can top with Golden Inca berries or Goji Berries.

2. Papaya & ginger smoothie with cinnamon & vanilla & tocoterinols Great for digestion and stomach upset very calming and satiating.

3. Persimmon pudding (persimmons, bananas and durian if available) blend in vita mixer more water will make it like a smoothie less water will create a pudding effect which ever consistency you like it’s a great treat and rawesome awesome experience. Sprinkled with pomegranate seeds, shredded coconut and sprouted raw buckwheat cereal on top will give it that extra pizzazz!” My favorite, better than any cooked dessert I’ve ever tasted. Nothing tastes as good as this dessert feels!”

4. Apple, celery, jicama salad with sprouted buckwheat cereal sprinkled on top or raw coconut crackers or raw raspberry crackers
5. Cut up pears & bananas with Debbie’s famous spirulina sauce with added raw organic Golden Inca or Goji berries.

6. 1 cup paud’arco tea with macca powder, tocoterinols, mesquite powder, raw stevia powder, cinnamon & raw anise seeds. You can blend this in a vitamixer and it makes like a foamy cappuccino very satisfying and will allow for a restful happy tummy for sleeping.

“Good luck enjoy and stay in touch for more of my simply rawsome awesome menus and treats. Eat to look and feel Great, Eat Less Live More, Eat for longevity, fitness health and beauty and if you do you’ll look like me and be a cutie!

Love and Health - Debbie Merrill

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