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More About Debbie Merrill 
Debbie Merrill On Santa Monica Beach

Debbie Merrill is a world-renowned skating fitness expert, early in her career achieving silver medal level as a figure skater.  She is the founder of her Skate Great USA School of Skating on lovely Santa Monica Beach California. Debbie is in an elite category as a vegetarian and raw food vegan for 25 years which has led her to become a health educator for all of her celebrity clients, students, friends, and family.  “[Debbie] coaches her clients the way she skates [picture perfect, truly beautiful] --- with the power of positive thinking, spirituality, and a psychological edge

Miss Merrill’s fame as an actress, professional dancer/choreographer have given her personal appeal with people, because of her upbeat personality, flair, physique, and energy, all of which is proof, of Merrill’s ability to “coach the world back to health and fitness.” Debbie’s intuition and graciousness allows her to understand her clients’ needs fully, and monitor and adjust their lives to adjust and reach their desired goals.  She has successfully coached over a thousand people from around the world already.  People come from far and wide for her “Merrill Magic”.

Debbie does not eat any type of animal products. Instead of meat, fish, cheese, and milk, Debbie eats raw organic fruits, vegetables, sprouted nuts, seeds, and sprouted greens.  In fact, Debbie eats those foods only in their raw state. “My diet not only keeps me healthy and thin, but full of energy and stamina to succeed in a very athletic professional lifestyle.  She is very environmentally conscious with her lifestyle of eating and exercising for transportation.  She believes in saving the planet of fumes and crud from cooking and automobiles.  Miss Merrill believes she does not have to kill animals to survive.

Accredited to her excellence in sports...
Debbie also has experience with the following:

● Eating Disorders/Overeating, Under-Eating, Anorexia/Bulimia
   Poor Eating Habits, Compulsive Exercising
● Excellent understanding of food combining/food preparation
● Shopping, selecting, and finding raw organic foods and products
● Opportunity and availability to purchase Debbie’s Seven Super
   Food Products at great prices, and learn how to use
   them for more energy, strength, stamina, cleansing, and
   hormonal balance
● As instructor to the Stars, Miss Merrill has coached Stars,
   starters, and physically challenged children and adults into a
   healthy fitness program
● Debbie has worked closely with the elderly and dying in a loving
   and letting-go process
● 12 Step Programs

Debbie Merrill’s Instructor to the Stars website, is attracting international attention. Her new Learn to Skate DVD/VHS is now available on her website and skating school, Skate Great USA. Now, more skaters around the world are benefiting from her “Merrill Magic”, skills and drills, and secret tips.

Debbie brings an exciting range of talents to her work, helping her clients achieve their goals, offering them a fit body, a healthy mind and a happy spirit.

Receive your first 20 min consultation free with this print out and availability to Debbie’s anti-aging and healing new exotic 7 raw organic vegan super foods.
Debbie Merrill and Healthy Chocolate 
How To Eat Chocolate In A Health Way!

How many people crave chocolate but do not eat it because they see it as a forbidden food with disadvantages such as weight gain, tooth decay, addiction, sugar rushes, allergies, skin problems and health issues? Let Debbie Merrill and her Merrill Magic Eat to Live Great Raw on the Roll Success System educate you so you can enjoy, savor and relish the worlds favorite food in a healthy and happy way without the disadvantages you once thought were true.

Debbie Merrill is a world renowned fitness expert, health educator, founder of Skate Great USA School of Skating in Santa Monica, California, and creator of the newly released DVD and video Learn To In Line Skate To Look And Feel Great At Any Age. She is the host of her own cable access show, The Debbie Merrill Show, currently airing across Southern California. This show features celebrities, chefs, and guests from the entertainment, health and fitness industries.

In her 20-plus years of experience, as a Silver-Level Medal Figure Skater, instructor, actress, dancer, choreographer, spokesperson, health educator and life coach, she has had the opportunity to train celebrities such as Steve Martin, Melanie Griffith, and
Kim Delaney as well as countless other Americans to In Line Skate and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Let her introduce you and your audience to her 7 super foods including her amazing and healthy Raw Chocolate!

With Debbie’s new Eat To Live Great Raw On The Roll success system, she is getting America healthy by teaching how to transition to a healthy lifestyle by changing their behaviors. Her system results are longevity, beauty, fitness, health and a happy spirit – all that and you get to eat chocolate!

Raw organic cacao is the seed of a fruit of an Amazonian tree from Central America. All chocolate is made from the cacao bean. Raw chocolate opens up the brain and heart to alertness and functioning, makes one feel a sense of happiness and contentment, aids in weight loss, and attracts more prosperity and love into ones life.

A few famous Debbie quotes include:

“Eat fruit, stay cute”
“Don’t deny it until you try it!”
“Eat green, stay clean – eat less, live more”
“Eat more raw, that’s my law”
“You can’t do wrong right or right wrong”

It would truly be a dream come true for Debbie’s to appear on your show and share her success with you and your audience. Your audience will be entertained, educated and enjoy this fun and easy program delivered with Debbie’s trademark energy, enthusiasm, and warmth…AND CHOCOLATE!!



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